A Funny Thing

March 17 & 18, 2017 | Blackman Auditorium

Photographed by Matthew Mage


Do you like to laugh? Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Well, we plan not to waste a single day in this revue. A Funny Thing is a revue of comic songs, eliciting laughter through lyrics, choreography, blocking, or really any way we can. We will bring out the comedic genius in all of our cast members to make our audience LOL. We cannot wait to see you in the audience grinning from ear to ear!

Production Staff:
Director - Andrew Barrett
Assistant Director - Joseph Rudy
Producer - Yana But
Music Director - Gates Schneider
Choreographer - Carly Martin
Stage Manager - Leah Grodstein
Assistant Stage Manager - Claire Pettit
Assistant Stage Manager - Bridget Zhou
Costume Designer - Olivia Taylor
Assistant Costume Designer - Yara Gosula
Lighting Designer - Scott Adelberg
Guest Lighting Designer - Callie Ann Marsalisi
Guest Lighting Designer - Nathaniel Talbot
Set Designer - Colby Choi
Band Director - Max Maybury
Assistant Band Director - Victoria Lee

Albert Chung
Alice Kotowski
Amanda Haag
Amos Nasongo
Annie Pahlow
Ariella Fishkin
Aslanta Chen
Autumn Espinosa
Ava Gallo
Becky Krupkoski
Ben Aliperti
Beth Whitlow
Bobby Gioiosa
Brandon Waller
Brock Bergum
Carolyn Noyes
Connor Baker
Corinne Mosher
Daniel Bartels
Elisa Figueras
Emma Kell
Eugenie Aikens
Gabrielle Dawson
Gwen Crew
Hayden Graham
Jane Cassingham
Joe Franjieh
Joeh Straceski
Julia Benson
Kara Dwyer
Kara Kachmar
Kofi Agyen
Lauren Milewski
Lily Mittnight
Lily Tiarks
Madison McDaniel
Mary Tresvalles
Meyling Yi
Monica Marotta
Nathan Hostert
Nick D’Apice
Nico Marulli
Nikki Shah
Rebecca Sorrell
Sam Boggiano
Sarah Childs
Sarah Fick
Savannah Wilkinson
Sebastian Hymson
Sonali Singal
Tierney Banco
Tricia Rudy
Zachary Lee

Ben Rubin
Callie Marsalisi
Christian Wells
Tobi Yusuf