February 17, 2018 | AfterHours

Photographed by Elisa Figueras


This show is about embracing your insecurities, stereotypes, and past woes. We are accepting ourselves as we are, tonight and every day moving forward. Also, we will be accepting donations from all attendees via cash or Venmo that will go towards The Trevor Project, a non-profit association focused on suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ youth.

Leanne Powdermaker

Alice Kotowski
Amanda Haag
Anthony Speros
Bobby Gioiosa
Connor Baker
Elisa Figueras
Elizabeth Whitlow
Emma Kell
Hayden Graham
James Evans
Jessica Stier
Joseph Franjieh
Julia Barksdale
Ishan Prasad
Lauren Milewski
Leah Grodstein
Leanne Powdermaker
Lilly Mittnight
Mary Tresvalles
Morgan St. James
Nico Marulli
Patrick Kitchen
Rachel Lipson
Rachel Samuels
Scott Bottner
Taylor Clark
Tom Culman
Victoria Lee
Victoria Rojo
William Kast

Check out the video below: