December 2 & 3, 2016 | Blackman Auditorium

Photographed by Hayden Graham


NU Stage Musical Theater Company presents Godspell, a musical retelling of The Gospel according to Matthew. Written by Stephen Schwartz in 1971, Godspell reimagines the story of Jesus and his disciples as they build a community of love, acceptance, and spirituality. Come sing about love!

Production Staff:
Director: Alyssa Rubin
Producer: Yana But
Assistant Director: Ben Lebofsky
Music Director: Will Kast
Choreographer: Gracie Strickert
Band Director: Chynna Lewis
Assistant Band Director: Priscilia De Mita
Stage Manager: Leah Grodstein
Assistant Stage Manager: Julia Spada
Set Designer: Kelsey Powers
Assistant Set Designer: Hayden Graham
Lighting Designer: Xander Colman
Assistant Lighting Designer: Yuri Hira
Props Master: Rebecca Sorrell
Assistant Props Master: Olivia Taylor
Costume Designer: Tiffany Yu
Assistant Costume Designer: Gabby Beatham

Bobby Gioiosa
Shayne Furtado
Abigail Nugent
Gates Schneider
Monica Marotta
Kaylee Spano
Amanda Haag
Anthony Giordano
Jenna George
James DeCunzo
Carly Hicks
Kayla Allen
Kira Topalian
Connor Baker
Nick D’Apice
Taylor Clark
Bangi Laki
Nathan Hostert

Priscilia de Mita
Timothy Scheitert
Will Kast
Chynna Lewis
Rishi Shah
Jake Jura