February 11, 2017 | AfterHours

Photographed by Elisa Figueras


Most people think of romance in theatre as either lovey-dovey couples or tragic heartbreaking ballads, but there is always a more complicated story. From love triangles to unrequited love to debauchery, “It’s Complicated” will explore the more fickle side of relationships. 

Directed by Tierney Banco

Matt Kimball
Julia Benson
Mary Tresvales
Gates Schneider
Beth Whitlow
Bobby Gioiosa
Melanie Fonville
Tana Domingos
Morgan St. James
Eva Gaufberg
Kalah Karloff
Amelia Heesen
Yana But
Lily Tiarks
Gwenyth Crew
Anika Krause
Julia Barksdale
Patrick Kitchen
Nuria Romero
Leah Grodstein
Yana But
Tobi Yusuf
Toyin Yusuf
Colby Choi
Sam Boggiano
Olivia Taylor
Claire Pettit
Tiffany Yu
Nat Talbot
Becky Sorrell
Julia Spada