Light Up the world

April 12 & 14, 2019 | Blackman Auditorium

Photographed by Claire Pettit

Light Up The World_Pettit-22.jpg

Join us for our Spring 2019 revue! This show explores the things that inspire us and make us move forward. It talks about hope, happiness, finding strength during tough times, and about that inner drive that makes us wake up every day and move towards our goals. We want this revue to show that there is always light, even during the toughest times.

Act I

Beautiful (from Beautiful: The Carole King Musical)
Carole King: Elisa Kodama
Ensemble: Annie Barnicle, Eugenie Aikens, Francheska Torres, Heloisa Tebaldi, Mollie Harreys, Olivia Bogan

Where You Are (from Moana)
Tui (Moana’s Dad): Noah Sugden
Sina (Moana’s Mom): Madeline Pearson
Moana: Amanda Brea
Tala (Moana’s Grandmother): Sarah Davitian-Reiner
Ensemble: Dea Davita Krisanda, Gabi Dawson, Hope Meikle, Sophia Samaha, Willow Kangas, Rachel Johanek

Dear Theodosia (from Hamilton)
Burr: Dan Tomkovicz
Hamilton: Karl Adrianza
Need to bring: white button up shirts, black dress pants, black boots

Anything Can Happen (from Mary Poppins)
Winifred: Hannah Lesnik
Mary: Samantha Steinberg
Jane: Brooke Di Spirito
Michael: Ella Irmiter
Ensemble: Cora Lundgren, Gwen Inman, Heloisa Tebaldi, Jeffrey Allen, Max Goott, Mollie Harreys, Noor Charif, Olivia Gon, Selin Yuksel, Allison Winter

All That Matters (from Finding Neverland)
Soloist: Mary Tresvalles

Freak Flag (from Shrek)
Gingy: Gabrielle Dawson
Pinocchio: Lauren Milewski
Mama Bear: Dea Davita Krisanda
Humpty-Dumpty: Elisa Figueras
Papa Bear: Bowen Zhao
Three Pigs: Allison Winter, Clare McCormack, Cora Lundgren
Shoemaker’s Elf: Sharon He
Wicked Witch: Kenneal Patterson
Garden Gnome: Hannah Lesnik
Wolf: Kunal Gupta

Disappear (from Dear Evan Hansen)
Connor: Bryan Rapala
Evan: Nick Steiner
Alana: Sophia Samaha
Jared: Josie Ahlberg
Cynthia: Amanda Kovasala
Zoe: Hanna Hofmeister
Larry: Manisha Asokumar

What Baking Can Do (from Waitress)
Soloist: Abby Nugent

Light (from Next to Normal)
Natalie: Lauren Milewski
Dan: Dan Tomkovicz
Diana: Ivy Saltsman
Dr. Madden: Manisha Asokumar
Gabe: Nick Steiner
Henry: Sam Grizzle

To Life (from Fiddler on the Roof)
Tevye: Max Goott
Lazar: Ben Barber
Russian Soloist: Sarah Davitian-Reiner
Ensemble “Girls”:
Ensemble “Boys”:
Charlie Crain, Clare McCormack, Ella Irmiter, Emily Erhard, Jeremy Amoroso, Kunal Gupta, Noah Sugden, Raina Levin, Selin Yuksel, Serena Buscarello

Can’t Help Falling in Love (from All Shook Up)
Sylvia: Dea Davita Krisanda
Dennis: Eric Jewel
Sandra: Annie Barnicle
Chad: Eugenie Aikens
Jim: Zack Reiter
Natalie: Kate Kelly
Lorraine: Beth Whitlow
Dean: Amanda Kovasala
Ensemble: Katherine Baldwin, Eugenie Aikens, Francheska Torres, Gwen Inman, Hanna Hoffmeister, Jeffrey Allen, Josie Ahlberg, Kenneal Patterson, Olivia Gon, Paloma Socorro, Willow Kangas, Maya Cacanindin, Serena Buscarello

Act II
Seize the Day (from Newsies)
Jack: Nick Remillard
Davey: Sebastian Hymson
Race: Eric Jewel
Crutchie: Patrick Sayers
Ensemble: Annie Barnicle, Dan Lutz, Beth Whitlow, Brooke Di Spirito, Kate Kelly, Jeffrey Allen, Jeremy Amoroso, Sarah Yoder

This is the Moment (from Jekyll and Hyde)
Soloist: Sam Grizzle

Blackout (from In The Heights)
Usnavi: Bryan Rapala
PG: Nick Steiner
GP: Max Goott
Benny: Lucas Wilson
Vanessa: Sophia Samaha
Nina: Amelia Heesen
Kevin: Patrick Sayers
Sonny: Nick Remillard
Carla: Samantha Steinberg
Claudia: Ella Irmiter
Daniela: Madeline Pearson
Ensemble: Gabi Dawson, Maddie Evans, Bowen Zhao, Francheska Torres

From Now On (from The Greatest Showman)
Barnum: Katherine Baldwin, Kalah Karloff
Ensemble: Amanda Kovasala, Brooke Di Spirito, Elisa Kodama, Ivy Saltsman, Kate Kelly, Karl Adrianza, Rachel Kalafos

Broadway Here I Come (from Smash)
Soloist: Ishan Prasad

And You Don’t Even Know It (from Everybody’s Talking About Jamie)
Jamie: Patrick Sayers
Ms. Hedge: Anika Rabenhorst
Ensemble: Amanda Kovasala, Charlie Crain, Dea Davita Krisanda, Francheska Torres,, Jeffrey Allen, Jeremy Amoroso, Madeline Pearson, Sarah Davitian-Reiner, Maya Cacanindin

Shine Like The Sun (from 9 to 5)
Violet: Ivy Saltsman
Doralee: Rachel Kalafos
Judy: Anika Rabenhorst
Ensemble: Gwen Inman, Hanna Hofmeister, Noor Charif, Olivia Gon, Rachel Johanek, Raina Levin

Come What May (from Moulin Rouge)
Satine: Kaylee Spano
Christian: Lucas Wilson

Holding On (from Tales From the Bad Years)
Lead soloist: Hope Meikle
Second solo: Manisha Asokumar
Third solo: Beth Whitlow
Ensemble: Annie Barnicle, Eugenie Aikens, Jeffrey Allen, Jeremy Amoroso, Lucas Wilson, Maya Cacanindin, Paloma Socorro

Someone In The Crowd (from La La Land)
Mia: Abby Nugent
Trio: Madison McDaniel, Emma Kell, Rachel Kalafos
Ensemble: Amanda Brea, Brooke DiSpirito, Bryan Rapala, Dan Tomkovicz, Ivy Saltsman, Kalah Karloff, Karl Adrianza, Kate Kelly, Kaylee Spano, Patrick Sayers, Sebastian Hymson, Zack Reiter

Don’t Stop Believin’ (from Rock of Ages)
Finale: full cast!

Yana But (Director)
Lexi Melloni (Assistant Director)
Adriana Messina (Producer)
Nick Lozoponi (Assistant Producer)
Cia Mirrione(Choreographer)
Grace Brown (Music Director)
Zak Ganhadeiro (Band Director)
Anya Flood Taylor (Stage Manager)
Haley Johnson (Assistant Stage Manager)
Joshua Erickson (Set Designer)
Lily Mittnight (Costume Designer)
Breeana Choate (Assistant Costume Designer)
Leah Grodstein (Props Master)
Scott Adelberg (Lighting Designer)
Gillian Brown (Assistant Lighting Designer)
Mali DiMeo (Assistant Lighting Designer)
Doga Tasdemir (Guest Lighting Designer)
Allegra D’Virgilio (Media Coordinator)
Colter Giem (Graphic Designer)
Michelle Walker

Pit Band:
Andrew Blankley(Violin 1)
Victoria Napolitano(Cello)
Riley Grant(Trumpet 2)
Michael Lemontagne(Piano 1)
Olivia Wan(Violin 2)
Sara Liebler(Viola)
Timothy Scheinert(Guitar)
Matthew Lamontagne(Reed 1)
Alec Donowitz(Trumpet 1)
Sarah Gibbs(French Horn)
Elizabeth Pier(Reed 3)

Run Crew:
Kevin Pang
Erica Yost
Paul Korfhage
Brianna Gonzalez
Nick Lozoponi
Adriana Messina
Jeremy Webster