September 9, 2017 | Fenway Center

Photographed by Hayden Graham and Elisa Figueras


Novaturient- Desiring or seeking powerful change in one's life, behavior or situation.

Have you ever looked around and wanted everything in your life to be different? Novaturient is a show about taking charge of the things you'd do anything to change. Whether it's leaving town, adjusting your perspective, or even getting so high with your friend you think you went to Vegas, the show looks at our urge to just run. 

Taylor Clark, Director
Amanda Haag, Vocal Director
Sarah Childs, Choreographer
Lily Tiarks, Assistant Director
Max Maybury, Band Director
Priscilia de Mita, Assistant Band Director

Cast List: 
Amelia Heesen
Bobby Gioiosa
Brandon Waller
Carly Hicks 
Cassie Moreno
Connor Baker
Elisa Figueras
Fareeha Naim
Gates Schneider
Ishan Prasad
Julie Tennett
Kelsey Powers
Lauren Milewski
Leah Grodstein
Lukas Kruegle
Matt Browne
Matthew Wikstrom
Melanie Fonville 
Meyling Yi
Morgan St. James
Nick D'Apice
Noah Brown
Nora Davenport
Scott Bottner
Sean Hennessy
Sebastian Hymson
Tierney Banco
Tobi Yusuf
Tricia Rudy
Xander Coleman
Zach Lee

Priscilia de Mita, Piano
Christian DeKnatel, Guitar
Lucas Rich, Bass
Max Maybury, Drums
Kat DeLacoste, Violin
Leina Xu, Cello