Pretty strong

November 15 & 16, 2018 | Blackman Auditorium

Photographed by Claire Pettit and Shira Weiss

Pretty Strong-9.jpg

Women are beautiful, complex, important, and strong. Now more than ever, it is important to recognize the power of women and remember that they are not to be ignored or silenced. This revue highlights the stories of strong women, both real and fictional, and honors all that they contribute to our lives and society. Through musical theatre songs about women, sung by women, and/or written by women we will explore what it means to be Pretty Strong.

Directed by Emma Kell

Cast List:

Act I

Opening Up (from Waitress)

Dawn: Katie Muldoon

Jenna: Hope Meikle

Becky: Elisa Kodoma

Ensemble: John Harrington, Jacob Proctor, Kunal Gupta, Bryan Rapala, Ellen Irmiter, Kristine Umeh, Lexi Melloni, Tierney Banco, Charlie Gribbell, Justin Lin, Renzo Mancini, Sarah DeFrancisco, Olivia Bogan, Leah Grodstein, Julia Pandolfo

Right Hand Man (from Something Rotten)

Bea: Cia Mirrione

Nick: Dan Lutz

I’ll Make a Man out of You (from Mulan)

Li Shang: Nico Marulli

Mulan: Kara Benerofe

Ensemble: John Harrington, Justin Lin, Joe Franjieh, Kunal Gupta, Jacob Proctor, Renzo Mancini

The Fire Within Me (from Little Women)

Soloists: Julia Piraino, Claire Graves, Chloe Berger, Lily Mittnight

Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now (from Hairspray)

Soloists: Annie Barnicle, Emily Erhard, Eugenie Aikens, Gabrielle Dawson, Sarah Davitian-Reiner

Ensemble: Carly Brilliant, Dea Davita Krisanda, Jessica Cheng, Tobi Yusuf, Abigail Hodge, Sonali Singal, Francheska Torres, Kate Kelly, Kirsty Haley

Tango: Maureen (from RENT)

Mark: Bryan Rapala

Joanne: Caitlyn Long

Dancers: Joe Franjieh, Sambina Anthony, Anthony Speros, Dan Tomkovicz, Karl Adrianza, Arielle Greenspan, Anna Markert, Carly Martin

Maria (from West Side Story)

Tony: Brandon Waller

My Body (from The Life)

Soloists: Kelsey Powers, Sonali Singal, Kristine Umeh, Willow Kangas, Dea Davita Krisanda, Morgan St. James

Ensemble: Julia Barksdale, Annie Pahlow, Grace Brown, Kayleigh Birney, Carolyn Noyes, Abigail Hodge, Sam Boggiano, Lauren Milewski, Jordan Fife, Kara Kachmar

What a Woman Wants (from Kinky Boots)

Lola: Vic Lee

Don: Renzo Mancini

Ensemble: Hope Meikle, Sarah DeFrancisco, Leah Grodstein, Nathalie Cruz, Tierney Banco, Lily Mittnight, Sarah Yoder, Maya Cacanindin, Sarah Davitian-Reiner

One of the Boys (from 9 to 5)

Violet: Annie Pahlow

Ensemble: Joseph Straceski, Dan Koerner, Anthony Speros, Dan Tomkovicz, Karl Adrianza, Charlie Gribbell, Ishan Prasad, Patrick Kitchen, Jake Peterson, Brandon Waller

Act II

One Short Day (from Wicked)

Elphaba: Rachel Samuels

Glinda: Anika Rabenhorst

Dance Group: Carly Martin, Vic Lee, Anna Markert, Kara Benerofe

Ensemble: Gates Schneider, Eugenie Aikens, Dan Lutz, Carolyn Noyes, Willow Kangas, Chloe Berger, Madi Williams, Carolina Morales, Jake Peterson, Dan Tomkovicz, Kayla Mathiowetz, Bryan Rapala

Me and the Sky (from Come From Away)

Beverly: Sambina Anthony

Ensemble: Meyling Yi, Anika Rabenhorst, Annie Barnicle, Olivia Bogan, Francheska Torres, Emily Erhard

Schuyler Sisters (from Hamilton)

Angelica: Julia Barksdale

Eliza: Sophia Samaha

Peggy: Nikki Shah

Aaron Burr: Karl Adrianza

Ensemble: Dan Koerner, Kate Kelly, Kelsey Powers, Meg Tazelaar, Sam Boggiano, Joseph Straceski, Kara Kachmar, Kayla Mathiowetz, Charlie Gribbell, Rachel Samuels, Caitlyn Long

Fabulous, Baby! (from Sister Act)

Ellen Irmiter, Heloisa Tebaldi, Jordan Fife, Ruthie LaMay, Manisha Asokumar, Anika Rabenhorst, Gabrielle Dawson, Elisa Kodoma

So Big, So Small (from Dear Evan Hansen)

Heidi: Grace Brown

Gold (from Once)

Soloists: Ishan Prasad, Morgan St. James

Ensemble: Heloisa Tebaldi, Josie Ahlberg, Kayleigh Birney, Sophia Samaha, John Harrington, Jacob Proctor, Rebecca Morris, Katherine Baldwin, Zack Reiter, Maya Cacanindin

The World According to Chris (from Carrie)

Chris: Meg Tazelaar

Billy: John Harrington

Ensemble: Bethany Fung, Katherine Baldwin, Lexi Melloni, Sharon He, Lauren Milewski, Bryan Rapala, Kirsty Haley, Julia Pandolfo, Sarah Yoder, Meyling Yi, Brandon Waller, Dan Lutz

Let Me Be Your Star (from Smash)

Karen: Carolina Morales

Ivy: Madi Williams

Dancing Queen (from Mamma Mia) (Finale)

All of You Beautiful People