October 20, 2017 | AfterHours

Photographed by Elisa Figueras


We live in a really screwed up world, and sometimes it's hard to remember that anything you do matters. This show will celebrate the things that keep us alive and passionate through songs from various musicals and genres.

Sambina Anthony
Andrew Barrett
Sarah Childs
Taylor Clark
Autumn Espinosa
Elisa Figueras
Bobby Gioiosa
Anthony Giordano
Tanvi Gokhale
Sebastian Hymson
Caitlyn Long
Nico Marulli
Lily Mittnight
Fareeha Naim
Gates Schneider
Sonali Singal
Morgan St. James
Tricia Thompson
Mary Tresvalles
Brandon Waller
Beth Whitlow
Allison Winter
Meyling Yi

Check out the video below: