Spring awakening

March 23 & 24, 2019 | Blackman Auditorium

Photographed by Claire Pettit

Spring Awakening 2019 (125).jpg

**Few photos in the gallery contain sensitive content that could be triggering to some**

It is 1890’s Germany, and in the midst of an oppressive, adult-controlled society a group of kids begin an exploration of sexuality, rebellion, and independence. The story primarily follows Melchior Gabor, Wendla Bergman, and Moritz Stiefel as they journey into adulthood and try to understand themselves, dealing with love and loss along the way. WARNING: this show has a lot of explicit content and brings up a lot of difficult topics, including but not limited to excessive language, content of a sexual nature, child abuse, abortion, and suicide.

Director- Hayden Graham
Assistant Director- Ben Barber
Producer- Brandon Halloran
Music Director - Sebastian Hymson
Choreographer – Madison McDaniel
Band Director - Adam Slomovitz
Set Designer- Doga Tasdemir
Stage Manager- Tori Rojo
Costume Designer- Olivia Taylor
Props Designer- Arunima Prasad
Lighting Designer- Josh Crenshaw
Media Coordinator - MaryKate Murphy
Marian Gallo- Assistant Producer
Rachel Samuels- Assistant Stage Manager
Bonnie Yao- Assistant Stage Manager
Jeffrey Allen- Assistant Music Director
Alex Pesek-Assistant Lighting Designer
Jillian Jiang-Assistant Lighting Designer
Lily O'Doherty-Assistant Set Designer
Theodore Kypreos-Assistant Set Designer
Sam Boggiano-Assistant Set Designer
Maddie Gershman-Assistant Costume Designer
Yara Gosula-Assistant Costume Designer
Jackie TamAssistant-Band Director


Wendla Bergman-Syra Mehdi
Melchior Gabor-Bobby Gioiosa
Moritz Steifel-Nick D’Apice
Hanschen Rilow-Nico Marulli
Ernst Robel-Eric Jewel
Martha Bessell-Annie Pahlow
Georg Zirschnitz-Dan Koerner
Adult Woman-Lia Capotorto
Adult Man-Scott Bottner
Ilse Neumann-Sambina Anthony
Otto Lammermeier/Rupert-Patrick Kitchen
Thea-Nikki Shah
Anna-Erica Cordischi
Male Ensemble/Dieter-Joe Franjieh
Male Ensemble/Reinhold-Joe Straceski
Male Ensemble/Ulbrecht-Ishan Prasad
Female Ensemble- Brooke DiSpirito, Gracie Strickert, Katie Wolfendale, Morgan St. James

Hannah Tam-Piano/Rehearsal Pianist
Anthony Speros-Guitar
Tim Scheinert-Guitar
Erin Cowden-Percussion
Meredith Craig-Violin
Jackie Tam-Viola
Teddi Stanley-Cello
Tara Maggiulli-Bass